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Mutual Liquid Nirvana 2.0

The continuing saga of the Umbrella That Smites Evil.

Jan Martin Batoy
11 June 1983
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Anime and hentai addict. Hits people in the head with umbrellas when pissed off. (so do NOT piss me off unless you want to get beaten with a parasol) Thinks the CSI episode "Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas" as the best CSI episode ever, but has a furry for a friend. Oxymoron? Think about it. Favorite line is "Mutual Liquid Nirvana". Manic-depressive. Pop culture gourmet. Considers DDR as better than anything conceived over the last few years. Favorite video games are "Resident Evil", "Megaman X4", "Grandia", and "Valkyrie Profile" because of the campy voice acting. Thinks "Darling" and "Suika" are the best anime OVA series... ever. YTMND is his favorite site. Engages in "Hyper Erection Mode" when needing creativity... in a flash. Plays DoTA: All-Stars and FreeStyle Online semi-frequently. Plays Yu-Gi-Oh!. Reads fanfics, but can never finish whatever he starts. Prefers canon couples, but doesn't discriminate against citrus fics. Loves yuri, shoujo-ai, tribadism, and Symemtrical Docking, but hates yaoi. Believes that "with courage, 0.00001% becomes 100%!"