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Mutual Liquid Nirvana 2.0

The continuing saga of the Umbrella That Smites Evil.

[sticky post]Ten Years Later
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
What's different now?

I've experienced focus. I've made mistakes - and paid for them.

I've finally realized the truth of "continuity is power".

I can't stop here, I can't stop now.

I have many promises to keep, smiles to protect, hobbies to fight for.

Who the hell do you think I am?

I am - and will eternally be - the Umbrella that Smites Evil.

I won't be completely okay, but you know what? I'm okay with that.

I'm still here.
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
And I'm still going.

An update
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
Guess what, years later and I've returned.

Life has happened. Some of my goals have been accomplished.

But I've got to stay hungry. Stay thirsty. Keep pounding the rock.

Who knows, maybe I'll see you on the flip side some time.

Until then, keep running to the distance and don't stop for one moment.

Rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated.
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
So yeah.

Haven't been here as much because lol Grand Chase and lol working.

Have this in the meantime.


*manly tears have been shed*
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
I just watched Gunbuster (Aim For the Top!) recently.

It was awesome.

Now excuse me while I go cry some manly tears.

So wtf is this?
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle

Ladies and Gents. Consider this as a random note from yours truly.

 Read and let yourself know the true me. You might only know me because of the mask I wear.

  1. I'm someone who doesn't like crowds. I'd rather go into the smaller group or be alone. 
  2. I basically said "screw it" in trying to identify my gender identity and just go with what equipment I've been given.
  3. Traps fascinate me.
  4. I'd like to be manly.
  5. Doesn't mean I'm misogynistic.
  6. I really hate Yaoi (Boy x Boy Romances).
  7. I'm more of straight (Boy x Girl) or Yuri~ (Girl x Girl~)
  8. Yeah. I'm a pervert.
  9. But I'm more of a romantic pervert (i.e. you care more about the characters, you care more about the boinking) than a BDSM-type.
  10. I'm actually a nice guy underneath all the snark.
  11. I try to follow three simple rules of living: "be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet".
  12. I hate those who use me.
  13. I positively loathe those who betray me.
  14. I hate those who talk about me (esp. negative ones) behind my back.
  15. You might think I'm too complicated to read, but that's just at first glance.
  16. I'm a person who talk a lot but doesn't make sense.
  17. I think that most porn is faker than the WWE.
  18. I cannot close off my emotions.
  19. I think the world hates me.
  20. But I hate the world. So we're even.

There you go. Some sort of 20 Facts about me. :)

Baka mag iba na tingin niyo skn XD


The Super Robot Wars Kink Meme!
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
Go here for details.

experiments in ingestion
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
Step 1. Buy a Double Minute Burger without the bun in between.
Step 2. Buy a Chicken Time with cheese.
Step 3. GATTAI DA!
Step 4. ???
Step 5. PROFIT

the fearful holiday post
absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
So, uh, before anything, I gotta say that if this becomes disjointed and rambling, it's probably residual grief. Grandfather died on the 12th of this month.

With that out of the way...

...why do people think that relationships are simple? Relationships are complicated, near-indecipherable messes of point and counterpoint, something out of a Tom Clancy novel, and for what? The right to change your Facebook status to "In A Relationship"?

So yeah, I am sour-graping, but... maybe it's because I'm afraid of nearly everything.

I'm afraid of living up to my potential, because there might be a few toes I'll end up running over along the way. Also because I might end up using my newly-acquired power for something so petty as revenge.

Meanwhile, the nice people who keep doing this don't even notice the toes they've stepped on, the lives they've ruined.

I'm afraid of taking risks in starting a relationship, because it has exploded too many times in my face than I care to count.

Meanwhile, the nice people who have relationships betray, hurt, and use each other, and smile about it the whole time.

I'm afraid of acting my age, because one day, I'm going to wake up and look in the mirror, and I won't know the person I'm looking at.

Meanwhile, the nice people who do act their age tend to behave more childishly in some instances - and get away with it.

Lastly, I'm afraid of living, because one's hopes and dreams should never be built on the blood and tears of others.

Meanwhile, nice people keep doing this and move on like locusts once they've sucked all the life out of the people they say they love.

Maybe I am incapable of love or sorrow... maybe all I can do is hate.

It is, however, honest.

absolut, dabzee, bottom of every bottle
KFC's releasing the Double Down over here.

And this would be the only video response that would best describe my reaction: